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Our cheese selection show cases the best that U.K & Ireland has to offer not to forget the European classic.

From Artisan hand made butter made on our door step to convenient butter portions the dairy range suits all our customers needs.

British Blended Cheese

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Belton Double Gloucestor Onion & Chives

Size: Kg
Code: 2837

Tintern Cheese

Tintern, named after the village of Tintern on the River Wye, in Monmouthshire is a mature creamy Cheddar cheese carefully blended with fresh chives and shallots. It has a distinctive lime green wax covering.

Size: 1.5Kg
Code: 2717
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Five Counties Cheese

Five Counties is a combination of five English cheeses: Cheddar, Cheshire, Derby, Double Gloucester and Red Leicester. The five types of cheese are combined in alternating layers alternated in layers of yellow/orange and white.

Size: 1Kg
Code: 2689

Wensleydale & Apricot Cheese (App1Kg)

Size: Kg
Code: 2629

Harlech Cheese

Named after the Welsh warriors from the middle ages, it is a mature, creamy cheddar speckled with fresh horseradish and parsley. Its tangy and zesty with a nice heat that tingles on your tongue.

Size: 1.5Kg
Code: 2718

Wensleydale & Cranberry Cheese (Appx 1.1Kg)

A delicious mild creamy Wensleydale blended in perfect harmony with succulent cranberry pieces.

Size: Kg
Code: 2610
No image set

Innkeepers Choice Cheese

A creamy mature Cheddar cheese, complimented with pickled onions and chives.

Size: 1Kg
Code: 2690

White Stilton & Apricot Cheese (Appx 1.1Kg)

A popular cheese with moist succulent pieces of apricot, a savoury twist of White Stilton, and a fresh aftertaste.

Size: Kg
Code: 1884

Red Hot Chilli Cheese

Not for the faint hearted - a firm cheddar blended with an abundance of bell peppers and hot chilli spices.

Size: 1.5Kg
Code: 2688

Y-Fenni Cheese

Y-Fenni is made from mature cheddar cheese blended with whole-grain mustard and Welsh ale. It has a full tangy mustard flavour, moist texture, pale-yellow colouring speckled with the mustard grains.

Size: 1.5Kg
Code: 2719
No image set

Red Windsor Cheese (App 1.1Kg)

Red Windsor is a cheddar infused with port and brandy which gives the cheese a red mottled colouring.

Size: Kg
Code: 1885

Sage Derby Cheese (Appx 1Kg)

Sage Derby is a variety of Derby cheese which is blended with Sage to give a distinctive flavour and a green mottled colouring.

Size: Kg
Code: 2624

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