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Italian Blood Oranges

11 December 2017

Blood Oranges .............. these are not as gruesome as their name suggests, but a gorgeous citrus fruit with a skin which ranges in colour from a pale orange with just a slight hint of pink to a rich orange with a deep crimson flush to it. The jewel like flesh has a ruby blush and as the season progresses both the flesh and the skin will darken to a deeper crimson colour.

Why 'Blood' Coloured ?
Anthocyanin, an antioxidant is the red pigment that develops when Blood Oranges start to ripen during warmer days and cooler (frosty) nights.
Anthocyanin first develops along the edges of the peel, following each segment, before creeping into the flesh of the orange. There are various stages of 'bloodiness' depending upon the season, where and when it was harvested, as well as the variety.

Did you know............... ?
This citrus keeps for longer if refrigerated. It only lasts a few days at room temperature, though they will keep for several weeks in a chilled environment.


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