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Tattie scones, Lorne sausage, slow cooked eggs and whisky hollandaise

01 March 2020


This dish pays respect to a classic Scottish breakfast, with a nice twist of slow-cooked sous vide eggs, and a boozy hollandaise made with Scotland’s favourite spirit. We like to think of it as a stylish Scottish sausage and egg muffin. Would be great as part of a brunch menu.

Prep & Cook Time: 40 minutes  Servings: 2


Slow-cooked eggs

Tattie scones

Lorne sausage

Whisky hollandaise


Slow cooked eggs

1.Preheat a water bath to 63C, carefully place eggs in and slow cook for 40 minutes. If you do this in advance you can shock chill them in iced water and use later (up to three days).

2. Once ready to serve, carefully open the shell and drop them one by one into a saucepan full of simmering salted water for 10 seconds, this will set the egg white to prevent the egg from splitting.

3.Remove from the water and drain on kitchen towel before plating.

Alternatively, you can poach the eggs if you don’t have any sous vide equipment.


Tattie scones

1.Combine all ingredients in a bowl to create a sticky dough, roll out on a floured surface to the desired thickness (about ½ cm) and cut into eight circles with a ring cutter.
2. Fry on a medium heat in a heavy bottomed frying pan until you get a nice even colour on both sides.

Lorne sausage

1. Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix thoroughly (if you own a stand-up mixer you can do this with a paddle on two third speed for two minutes).
2. Push into four ring moulds and leave to set in the fridge.
3. Once set fry off in a pan on a medium heat until cooked through.

Whisky hollandaise

1. Gently melt the butter, set aside and keep warm.
2. Place the egg yolks, whisky and vinegar in a bowl and whisk continuously over a pan of simmering water until it starts to thicken and create ‘ribbons’.
3. Once thickened slowly pour the melted butter whilst whisking constantly until the top layer of butterfat has been emulsified in, you can add half of the buttermilk to help stabilise it.

To serve

1. Place two tattie scones on the plate, one sausage on each, then two more scones on top. 2. Place the eggs on top of them and spoon on the hollandaise, garnish with freshly chopped chives and serve.