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Blood Orange Posset, Granita & Jelly

11 December 2017


Stunning Blood Oranges are here, so get them whilst you can. The Italian frost is what gives these oranges their red flush. This recipe is a great as a refreshing end to a hearty winter meal..

Prep Time: 8 hours Servings: 8 people

 Ingredients: For the Blood Orange Granita 

 Ingredients: For the Orange Posset 

 Ingredients: For the Blood Orange Jelly

Instructions: Granita

    1. Dissolve the sugar & water over a low heat simmering for approx 2 mins. Pour everything together into a container, whisk every hour until it is frozen & large flakes of ice have formed.

Instructions: Posset

    1. Add all the ingredients together in a heavy bottom pan, bring to the boil & pass through a strainer into a container then leave to set.

Instructions: Jelly

    1. Blitz the sugar and Insta Gel into the juice, allow to settle then pour into a glass & leave to set: (if using gelatine; bloom in a little of the juice and warm through to melt before adding to the rest of the mix).
    2. Once the jelly is set and the granita frozen, then spoon the Posset over the jelly and top with the granite then serve.