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Zero Waste Cauliflower

15 July 2019

Zero Waste Cauliflower

A great way to use the entire cauliflower - leaving zero waste. Even the scraps from the juice can be turned into a puree for other dishes.  










For the kimchi:

1. Wash the cauliflower stalk well, then sprinkle the salt over it covering all of the cauliflower. Cover with water and leave for two hours at room temperature.
2. Make a paste with the garlic, ginger, schimchi pepper and sugar
3. Rinse the cauliflower well and leave to drain for 30 mins
4. Using gloves mix the paste and the cauliflower really well. Then place into an air-tight jar which has been sterilised previously
5. Leave at room temperature for five days then leave in a fridge for two weeks before use.

For the Beignet:

6. Reduce the cauliflower juice by ¾
7. In a saucepan bring to the boil the sugar, water, salt, butter.
8. Add the flour and beat into a dough and cookout for a minute on a low heat
9. Remove from the heat and stir in the cheese, add the reduced cauliflower stock and blend using a stick blender
10. Add the eggs one at a time blending the mix well. Fry the beignets with a raw piece of cauliflower in the middle at 180c until golden
11. Take the leaves from the cauliflower and wash well, roast at 180c with a little oil and salt for 5 minutes.
12. Remove the florets and cut into wedges and roast for 8-10 minutes at 180c in a little oil and salt
13. Trim the central stalk into a cylinder and slice thinly, cover in extra virgin olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper.
To assemble the dish: scatter the marinated cauliflower stalk on the base of the plate, chop the kimchi finely and serve the roast leaf and florets on the top of it, add the beignets and serve.