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Our growers & suppliers

The close relationships we have with our farmers, many of whom have grown alongside us from day one, gives us access to the best of their crop at their very best prices.


Smithy Mushrooms

Situated in the West Lancashire, Smithy Mushrooms has been established for over 30 years. Smithy covers 3 acres of land and houses 26 individually controlled growing rooms, cultivating a variety of both wild & exotic mushrooms all year round. 

Smithy Mushrooms have been supplying us for over 10 years with the majority of our mushrooms, including; pink, grey & yellow Oyster mushrooms, Shiitake and a fabulous Woodland Mix.






The Westwood Family grow our Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb and have been farming since the late 1800's.

Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb roots are grown outdoor in the fields, for two to three years, before they are lifted in early to late November, to be taken into the forcing sheds. This can only happen after the roots have received enough cold which helps break the dormancy of the rhubarb crowns. During the two years’ the rhubarb is grown outside, it requires lots of sunshine and nitrogen to build up the energy in the root as once in the forcing sheds, it received no more feeding. The nitrogen comes from the “shoddy”, which is released slowly over a three year period. Ideal for the rhubarb.

Once bedded into the sheds, the roots are heated and supplied with the right amount of water, and three weeks later the forced crop can start to be harvested. The rhubarb is grown in complete darkness and harvested by candlelight, to keep the stems bright pink and the leaves yellow. The forced crop tends to be very tender and much sweeter than the rhubarb produced outside.


Woodlands Farm

Woodlands Farm covers approximately 25 acres near Knutsford, Cheshire & the Halman family have been farming in Cheshire for 123 years and are now proudly into their 5th generation.

Oliver Kay Produce & Roy Halman have worked over 15 years together to build a very successful relationship & it is this continuity of trade & affiliation that has allowed Oliver Kay Produce to offer the finest quality Outdoor Grown Rhubarb, Lollo Rosso,Lollo Biondi, Oak Leaf, Cos & Flat Lettuce that the North West has to offer.

Some of the products are grown under glass to extend their growing season, ie: Flat Lettuce.

The lettuces & Rhubarb are picked fresh every morning & packed in the field ready for dispatch. We collect them from the Farm around noon for delivery to you the following morning. Their products are always first-rate in terms of both quality & consistency & (importantly) yield.

We pride ourselves with the close relationships that we have with our farmers & growers, many of whom have grown alongside us from Day One. This gives us access to the best of their crop(s) at their very best prices.


Black Gate

Black Gate Lane – Pak Choi

Peter's father Barry, who is now 81 years old, started the business approximately 50 years ago, growing lettuce & tomatoes. As his father took on a less demanding role dealing with paperwork and the accounts, Peter decided that the business needed an alternative product to grow. Pak Choi fitted the bills as it will grow all year round and Little Gem Lettuce as a summer seasonal product. They have been growing these product for past 15 years.

The farm is 6.5acres of which 1.25 acres are under poly tunnels built exclusively for the growth of Pak Choi. The farm has a staff of 7, which allows Peter to fully turn his attentions to growing the products. They deal with wholesale markets and leading supermarkets, caterers and the business is a member of the Red Tractor Scheme, Assured Produce and Salsa.


Bangor's Green Farm (Celery)

Alan began farming the land in the highly fertile area around Ormskirk, Lancashire in1990 with 5 acres. The farm now stretches to 363 acres, growing mainly celery & cabbages for us.

For the early part of the season the celery is grown under glass, which enables us to have English Celery earlier than most.

The farm possesses excellent storage facilities for their cabbages, which means they are available for most, if not all, of the year.

Orders are picked during the day and delivered that night for us to deliver to you the next morning.


The Firs Farm

The Firs Farm, Yorkshire grows the lion’s share of our Parsnips & Carrots. The land is ideal for these root vegetables due to the sandy soil. The products are grown, washed, packed & distributed all from the farm to enable them to control all aspect of the production. Guy also has close relationships with other growers in Suffolk and Scotland, allowing him to cope more easily with busy times and bad weather They have supplied us for many years and we have found them to grow consistently good products.

Online Ordering

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We appreciate the long hours you have to work as a chef so we have introduced an online ordering website & app that’s been designed to make your life easier. Order anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also; View past orders and invoices, access allergen information, offers and more! Login via our website (top-right of page) or search 'Oliver Kay app' in your mobile app store.

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