A Full Range Of Salad!

We have a full range of salad for delivery each day. From whole to prepped lines, and ready to eat salads.

Seasonal Salad For Your Menu

We’ve categorised our salad products to make it easier for you to see the fresh ingredients range available. Alternatively, you can use the search box at the top of this website to find specific salad items.

Working With British Salad Growers

We support local, British farmers when produce is in season and available, and work with overseas growers to source salad items grown further afield where necessary.


Along with our salad range we also have a selection of prepared salads to offer chefs time saving options. This includes chopped and sliced salad items as well as mixed salads, leaves and ready to eat produce.

Place Your Salad Order

You can use our online ordering website – accessible via the login at the top of our website, to place your salad orders. Our team are also on hand to take your salad orders.