Meat & Fish

We work with our specialist sister businesses to supply a range of fresh meat and portioned fish along with cooked meats, smoked and cured fish.

Fish & Meat To Add To Your Fresh Order

You can view information about the products in our meat and fish range below.

If you are looking for a particular ingredient and it is not displayed, please contact our team who will be able to advise on its availability.

A Range Of Fresh Fish & Meat Options

We are able to supply fresh fish portions such as salmon portions and cod fillets along with fresh fish pie mix. We also have a choice of smoked fish such as salmon in various cuts.


Our meat range includes red meat and poultry; beef, pork, lamb, chicken and duck in a variety of cuts and processed options such as minced and diced meat. We also offer a range of burgers, sausages and bacon and a selection of quality steaks.


In addition to our fresh fish and meat offering we have a range of cooked and sliced meats and charcuterie, pies, pâté and terrines available to order.

Flexible Ordering

Meat and fish are available to order online via the ‘online ordering’ button, on the Oliver Kay app, or by contacting our team on email or phone.