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Our cheese selection show cases the best that U.K & Ireland has to offer not to forget the European classic.

From Artisan hand made butter made on our door step to convenient butter portions the dairy range suits all our customers needs.

British Blue Cheese


Blue Lancashire Cheese (Appx 1.25Kg)

Lovely, mild, creamy soft blue from Inglewhite near Preston. Made by Adrian Rhodes at Park Head Farm, Lancashire Blue is matured in a purpose built cave for 2 weeks. It is made with pasteurised cows milk and vegetarian rennet.

Size: Kg
Code: 2681

Perl Las Cheese (Organic) - App 2.5Kg

Perl Las, meaning blue pearl, has a strong but delicate, creamy but with lovely lingering blue overtones. Made at Caws Cenarth creamery in Carmarthenshire, South Wales from organic Welsh cows milk.

Size: Kg
Code: 2715

Blue Monday Cheese (Appx 650G)

Made by The Highland Fine Cheese Company for Evenlode duo Juliet Harbutt and ex Blur bassist Alex James the cheese is named after the famous New Order song. It is a complex, bold and creamy blue cheese with distinct cracks and streaks of spicy blue.

Size: Kg
Code: 5026

Shropshire Blue Cheese (Appx 2Kg)

Shropshire Blue has a

Size: Kg
Code: 1866

Blue Stilton Cheese (Appx 2Kg) (Long Clawson)

Long Clawson, based in the Vale of Belvoir, make this PDO certified Blue Stilton. It has a sharp and tangy favour and becomes creamier and more mellow as it matures.

Size: Kg
Code: 1835
No image set

Strathdon Blue Cheese

More continental in style than many British blues, this soft, creamy blue has a mellow, aromatic flavour. The blue adds a peppery, but not over-strong note, giving a very tasty, mild blue cheese. Made in Tain near Dornoch by The Highland Fine Cheese Company.

Size: 2.6Kg Bloc
Code: 2646
No image set

Blue Wensleydale Cheese

Handcrafted in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, Wensleydale Blue is a delicately favoured creamy blue cheese that has a mellow, yet full flavour, which will appeal to newcomers to blue cheese & connoisseurs alike. Supreme Champion winner at the British Cheese Awards 2012.

Size: 2.5Kg
Code: 2684

Wedge Blue Stilton Cheese (Tuxford & Tebbutt)

Stilton is also called. The King of English cheeses. This Blue Stilton is characterised by its typical blue veining with rich complex favours and a piquant finish. Made by Tuxford and Tebbutt and available in this smaller size.

Size: 160g Wedge
Code: 1836

Burts Blue Cheese

An artisan, hand made blue cheese from new cheese maker Claire Burt. A former winner at the Nantwich cheese show this is also cows milk cheese with spicy blue notes.

Size: 180g
Code: 2678

Yorkshire Blue Cheese (850gm)

Made by the Bell family at Shepherds Purse dairy in North Yorkshire. This multi award winning cheese is a mild, soft, creamy, blue veined cheese. This traditional recipe has been developed to give the cheese a unique buttery/sweet flavour with no sharp bite.

Size: Kg
Code: 1837

Cashel Blue Cheese (App 1.5Kg)

Cashel Blue is a hand-made, semi-soft, mildly blue veined and slightly acidic blue cheese with a creamy texture, made from cows milk. Made by the Grubb family in County Tipperary in Ireland.

Size: Kg
Code: 2616

Colston Bassett Stilton (Appx 2Kg)

Made by head cheese make Billy Kevan, it still retains many of the traditional production techniques. Using cows milk from 5 local dairies it has a luscious creamy texture and a complex long lasting flavour. Made at the dairy in the village of Colston Bassett, this is one of the UKs few PDO (Protected Designation on of Origin) cheeses and really is the Rolls Royce of stilton.

Size: Kg
Code: 1868

Cornish Blue Cheese

A former supreme champion at the World Cheese Awards, Cornish Blue is designed to be eaten as a young cheese. It is moist and sticky, almost like Gorgonzola with a wonderful mellow and sweet flavour.

Size: 2Kg Pack
Code: 5040

Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton Approx 2Kg

Cropwell Bishop classic Blue stilton has a rich tangy flavour, and a velvety-soft texture that makes it melt in the mouth. To allow this Stilton to develop its unique flavour, it is aged for 12 weeks.

Size: Kg
Code: 5021

Dunsyre Blue Cheese (App 1.6Kg)

A handmade, mould ripened cheese made with unpasteurised cows milk in South Lanarkshire. It is a creamy textured blue cheese, which is not too aggressive or over salty in taste. Rather more mellow and sharp with a lovely complexity which lingers on the palate.

Size: Kg
Code: 2647
No image set

Forest Blue Cheese

Fowlers Dairy in Warwickshire hand make, hand blue and hand present Forest Blue. It is piquant and mild in flavour but can be matured further for an extra depth of strength.

Size: 2.5Kg
Code: 2687

Garstang Blue Cheese (Appx 750G)

A soft blue cheese from Dewlay in Preston. Made using traditional Lancashire cheese making methods. A special blue mould is added to the vat and the cheese is left to mature for 6 weeks. It is then spiked to allow air to flow through the cheese and allow blue streaks to appear. The result is smooth and creamy and yet spicy and indulgent.

Size: Kg
Code: 2640

Lanark Blue Cheese

A Scottish Mould ripened cheese that is often described as Scotland's Roquefort. Hand made in a farm-house creamery from unpasteurised ewes milk & it matures slowly in the cool moist atmosphere of old stone-built cheese rooms.

Size: 1.6Kg
Code: 2679
No image set

Mrs Bells Blue Cheese (App 1.5Kg)

Produced using 100% fresh ewes milk. This cheese is considered to be a true contender to other continental ewes milk blue cheeses. It has a creamy texture with a slightly salty, complex, blue

Size: Kg
Code: 2680

Bells Bluemin White Cheese (Appx 800G)

A soft, creamy mould ripened cows cheese. It is matured in a ripening store to encourage its blue rind.

Size: Kg
Code: 2683
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