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Our cheese selection show cases the best that U.K & Ireland has to offer not to forget the European classic.

From Artisan hand made butter made on our door step to convenient butter portions the dairy range suits all our customers needs.

British Goats & Ewes Cheese


Ribblesdale Smoked Goats Cheese (Appx 2Kg)

A naturally smoked goats cheese from the Ribble valley in the Yorkshire Dales it has a dry but creamy taste with a delicate oaky tang. Pale white in colour, it has a dark rind that comes from being smoked for 6 hours over oak chippings.

Size: Kg
Code: 2736
No image set

Ribblesdale Superior Cheese (App 2Kg)

A very fine Yorkshire Dales goats milk cheese with a bright white paste in an attractive pale yellow wax. The taste is clean and fresh and creamy. Made by Iona Hill at her dairy in Hawes it is reminiscent of a Dutch Gouda.

Size: Kg
Code: 2692
No image set

Berkswell Cheese (App 1.4Kg)

This is a hard unpasteurised ewes milk cheese similar in consistency to Manchego. It is made by Stephen Fletcher at Ram Hall Dairy in the Midlands and has a sweet and nutty flavour.

Size: Kg
Code: 2693
No image set

Ribblesdale Sheeps Cheese (Appx 2Kg)

Size: Kg
Code: 2739

Boilie Goats (Herbs & Oil)

Made to a traditional recipe, Boil

Size: 1Kg
Code: 2651

Rindless Goat Log

A soft, fresh, light goats log with no rind to reduce wastage.

Size: 1Kg Log
Code: 2641

Capricorn Goats Cheese

Capricorn has a delicate velvety-soft white coat. It has a particularly mild, clean, and slightly nutty flavour and a firm crumbly texture. As it ripens from the outside towards the centre, the white curd becomes softer and creamier and develops a fuller flavour. Made in Somerset with locally produced milk from goats with character.

Size: 100g Piece
Code: 1895

Rosary Ash Goats Log

Size: 275g
Code: 2804
No image set

Capricorn (App 1Kg)

Size: Kg
Code: 2845

Small Rosary Goats Cheese

An unrinded, creamy, moist and soft cheese with a light and fluffy texture made from goat

Size: 275g
Code: 1817

Fine Fettle Cheese (App 750gm)

Fine Fettle is hand-made from fresh whole ewes milk giving it a distinctive creaminess and subtle taste. Lightly salted and matured over a 14 day period, the cheese develops its soft, slightly crumbly texture with a sweet piquant flavour. Made from pasteurised milk and suitable for vegetarians.

Size: Kg
Code: 2694

Wigmore Cheese (750G)

Made by Anne Wigmore in Berkshire this is a delicate and creamy ewes milk cheese with a delicate flavour. It is a traditionally hand made cheese with a washed rind, sweet, creamy and oozes quality.

Size: Kg
Code: 2695
No image set

Golden Cross Cheese

Golden Cross is a gorgeously creamy goats cheese that's a bit sweeter than others. Coated in ash over an edible white rind it is made with unpasteurised goats milk.

Size: 225g Pack
Code: 5025

Kidderton Ash Goats Cheese (Appx 150G)

An outstanding goats cheese handmade at Butlers Ravens Oak Dairy, Kidderton Ash is log shaped and features a delicate creamy flavour. Sprinkled with charcoal ash prior to maturing, it is a soft luscious cheese with a velvety texture.

Size: Kg
Code: 1871

Large Rosary Goats Cheese

An unrinded, creamy, moist and soft cheese with a light and fluffy texture made from goat

Size: 1Kg
Code: 1886

Nannykins Goats Curd

Bob Kitching at Leagrams Organic dairy at Chipping makes this fantastic fresh and soft goats curd cheese. It has a clean and mild flavour and a crumbly texture.

Size: 180g
Code: 1882

Olde York Cheese (2 X 850gm)

A fresh ewes milk cheese, Olde York has a beautiful fresh, crisp, creamy taste that cleanses the palate leaving it refreshed. Made by the Bell family at Shepherds Purse dairy in Thirsk, North Yorkshire.

Size: Kg
Code: 2697

Pant-Ys-Gawn Cheese

A full fat vegetarian goats cheese made with organic milk by Abergavenny fine foods. It has a mild lemony flavour and a light, soft, creamy texture.

Size: 100g
Code: 2720
No image set

Parlick Fell (Approx 2.25Kg)

Size: Kilo
Code: 2840
No image set

Quickes Goats Cheese (App 1.5Kg)

Using all her years of experience in making world class cheddars, Mary Quicke uses local West Country goats milk to make this goats cheddar. With a sharp white pate it balances the taste of goats milk with a traditional cheddar and is matured for up to 12 months.

Size: Kg
Code: 2696
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