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Our cheese selection show cases the best that U.K & Ireland has to offer not to forget the European classic.

From Artisan hand made butter made on our door step to convenient butter portions the dairy range suits all our customers needs.

Continental Cheese


Brie Wedges (Paysan Breton)

Brie is a soft, mould ripened cheese which originated from the Brie area of the Seine et Marne area of France. It is pale in colour with an edible rind.

Size: 180g Piece
Code: 1860

Halloumi Cheese (Pathos)

Halloumi is a Cypriot semi-hard, unripened brined cheese made from a mixture of goats, sheep and cows milk. It has a high melting point and so can easily be fried or grilled.

Size: 200g Block
Code: 1861

Roquefort Cheese (Appx 1.5Kg)

A French cheese made from unpasteurised ewes

Size: Kg
Code: 1876

Buffalo Mozzarella Balls

A soft, fresh cheese made with the sweet, rich milk of the water buffalo. Perfect for pizza, pasta and salads.

Size: 125g Tub
Code: 1823

Hard Italian Cheese (Appx 1Kg)

An Italian style hard cheese which is suitable for vegetarians. Great as an alternative to Parmesan.

Size: Block
Code: 7858

Smoked Mozzarella Scamorza

Scamorza is a stretched cows curd cheese, similar to Mozzarella, which is smoked to give it a deep yellow colouring on the exterior.

Size: 250g
Code: 2727

Comte Cheese Wedge (App 3Kg)

Comte is part of the Gruyere family of cheeses and is produced in the Franche-Comte area. It is made with unpasteurised cows milk, in the Jura mountain region of eastern France where it develops into a close textured and firm cheese with a rich and nutty flavour.

Size: Kg
Code: 2705
No image set

Langres Cheese

Made in the champagne region of France this is a fantastic cheese which has a little dome in the top - ideal for pouring a little champagne into. It is a cows milk cheese which is rind washed in brine and annatto to give it a wonderful orange colour.

Size: 180g
Code: 2708

Soumaintrain Cheese

Soft Camembert size cheese lightly washed with Annao (orange coloured vegetable extract) and with SCA erings of white bloomy moulds. The taste is rich, mellow and fruity like clotted cr

Size: 400g
Code: 2707

Cow Mozzarella Balls

A fresh, unripened cows milk cheese that is made by spinning the curd. Semi soft in consistency it has a short shelf life as it is a fresh product. Delicate flavouring but great with pasta, pizza and salads.

Size: 125g Pack
Code: 1867

Manchego Cheese (Appx 1Kg)

The most famous of Spanish cheeses, Manchego is a hard milk cheese made with milk from the manchego sheep. Originally made in the La Mancha region of Spain. The cheese is ivory white in colour and has a fantastic creamy and nutty flavour with a slight piquancy.

Size: Kg
Code: 7901

Swiss King Cut Emmenthal (App 1.6Kg)

The archetypal Swiss cheese is traditionally made from unpasteurised cows

Size: Kg
Code: 1890

Crottin Cheese

Crottin is probably the most famous cheese of the Loire Valley. Made exclusively with goats milk, it is made into small 60g discs and has a natural rind, pungent smell and a nutty taste. Perfect as an individual starter, especially grilled.

Size: (12 x 60g)
Code: 1880
No image set

Mini Austrian Smoked Cheese

Size: (12 x 76g)
Code: 1869

Taleggio Cheese (Appx 2.2Kg)

A mildly-flavoured whole cows milk cheese from northern Italy with a soft texture and a fruity, creamy character. It has a pinkish-brown rind, and a pale-yellow interior which, although elastic, tends to be increasingly crumbly towards the centre of the cheese. It is rind washed which gives it a strong aroma.

Size: Kg
Code: 1875
No image set

1Kg Camembert Whole

Camembert is a soft, mould ripened cheese first made in the 18th century in Normandy. It is one of the most well known cheeses made in France. Supplied as a whole, 1kg cheese which is ideal for cutting as part of a cheeseboard.

Size: 1Kg Wheel
Code: 2635

Danish Blue Wedges

Danish Blue (also known as Danablu) is a strong, blue-veined cheese. This semi-soft creamery cheese is typically drum or block shaped and has a white to yellowish, slightly moist, edible rind.

Size: 100g Wedge
Code: 1852

Mozzarella Block

Similar to traditional Mozzarella but comes in a larger block size. This makes it easier to cut or grate and the cheese is ideal in hot or oven baked dishes.

Size: 2.3Kg Bloc
Code: 1824
No image set

Tete De Moine Cheese (App 1.5Kg)

A full flavoured semi firm, naturally rinded Swiss cheese that is traditionally cut on a Girolle, a wooden circular implement, that shaves the cheese into petals. This cheese is always best enjoyed in thin slivers to enjoy its complex flavours and is delicious with fresh fruits. Tete de Moine is translated as monks head from the monks who invented the cheese in the 14th century.

Size: Kg
Code: 2714

240G Camembert Cheese (Wooden Box)

Camembert is a soft, mould ripened cheese first made in the 18th century in Normandy. It is one of the most well known cheeses made in France and it traditionally comes in a wooden circular box. It is often served baked, as a sharing starter with some artisan bread.

Size: 240g Wheel
Code: 2622
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