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Our cheese selection show cases the best that U.K & Ireland has to offer not to forget the European classic.

From Artisan hand made butter made on our door step to convenient butter portions the dairy range suits all our customers needs.

Continental Cheese


900G Greek Feta Cheese (Tyras)

Sweet & fruity; A perfectly balanced flavour combination of fresh Wensleydale with the sweetness of succulent apricots.

Size: 900g Block
Code: 2626

Dolcelatte Cheese (App 1.5Kg)

Dolcelatte is a blue veined Italian soft cheese. The cheese is made from cows milk, and has a sweet taste. Its name translates from Italian to

Size: Kg
Code: 1874

Paneer Cheese

Size: Kg
Code: 2838
No image set

Vignotte Cheese

A brie-style French cheese where triple cream is ladled in during the making. This leads to a rich, velvety, melt in the mouth taste which is simply divine. It has a powdery, bloomy white edible rind.

Size: 2.5Kg
Code: 1892
No image set

Austrian Smoked Cheese

Cornish Brie has a delicious mild and creamy flavour and melting, smooth texture. The rich and creamy Cornish milk gives it a characteristic yellow, buttery colour.

Size: 454g Piece
Code: 1833

Edam Wedges

Edam is a Dutch cheese, traditionally coated in red wax. It has a very mild flavour, slightly nutty with very little aroma.

Size: 200g Wedge
Code: 1857

Grana Padano Appx 950G

Made in the Po river valley, Grana Padano has been granted PDO status. Similar to Regianno but is Italy's biggest selling cheese. Aged for at least 14 months it is fantastic with pasta, risotto or even as a table cheese.

Size: Kg
Code: 1826

Wedge Grana Padano

Made in the Po river valley, Grana Padano has been granted PDO status. Similar to Regianno but is Italy's biggest selling cheese. Aged for at least 14 months it is fantastic with pasta, risotto or even as a table cheese.

Size: 200g Wedge
Code: 1864

Babybel Mini Net (6X20G)

Semi hard in consistency, this is a mild cheese similar to Edam. It is individually wrapped and ideal for lunchboxes and continental breakfast individual portions.

Size: pkt
Code: 1894

Emmenthal Cheese (Block) (App 1.5Kg)

Size: Kg
Code: 1859

Pecarino Cheese (App 2Kg)

Pecorino Romano is a salty, hard Italian cheese made from ewes milk. It is crumbly with a similar consistency to Parmesan and is perfect to grate and shave.

Size: 1Kg
Code: 1850
No image set

Bel Paese Cheese

Bel Paese is a soft Italian cheese which matures for six to eight weeks, and has a creamy and light milky aroma. The colour is a pale, creamy yellow with a mild flavour.

Size: 24 x 25g
Code: 2634

Epoisse Cheese

Epoisse is a cows milk cheese that is washed in Marc de Bourgogne to create a pungent, almost spicy classic. It has an orangey soft rind, that when pierced leads to a soft melting cheese, pungent and rich. Made only in Burgundy this Epoisse de Bourgogne comes as a 250g circular whole cheese in a wooden casing.

Size: 250g
Code: 2709
No image set

Pont L'Eveque Cheese

Pont L'Ev

Size: 350g
Code: 2706
No image set

Bleu D'Auvergne Cheese

Bleu D'Auvergne originates from the Auvergne region of south central France. It is a blue cows milk cheese and is spicy with flavours of grasses and wild flowers.

Size: 1.4Kg
Code: 2712

Fontina Cheese (Appx 2Kg)

Fontina comes from the Val d

Size: Kg
Code: 1873
No image set

Port Salut Cheese

Port Salut is a semi-soft pasteurised cow

Size: 2.2Kg
Code: 2630


Fresh cows Mozzarella, made into little 8g pearls. Perfect for salads. Bocconcini is translated as little bites.

Size: 1Kg Tray
Code: 2632
No image set


Gaperon is a small cheese flavoured with pepper and garlic. It has a white fluffy coat and is shaped into a dome which looks like a tiny igloo. Originating in the region of the pink garlic of the Limagne plain, in the Haute Auvergne.

Size: 350g
Code: 2711

President Camembert Cheese

Camembert is a soft, mould ripened cheese first made in the 18th century in Normandy. It is one of the most well known cheeses made in France.

Size: 145g
Code: 2729
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