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Seasonal Products

Seasonal Products

19 January 2021

Leeks & Red Seedless Grapes


This week’s prodce of the week are leeks and seedless red grapes. Currently coming in from The Netherlands, leeks are great at the minute and perfect for soups and sauces as well as going great in pies or civered in a creamy cheese sauce! Our seedless red grapes are from South Africa currently. The varities include  ‘Crimson’ and ‘Erin’s Delight’. Delicious whether eaten alone, alongside cheese, added to a salad for a sweeter flavour or paired with game dishes.


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13 January 2021

Red Onions & African Rose Plums

Our veg of the week is red onion. We are currently on the Dutch variety. Red onions are milder & sweeter in flavour than the yellow variety. Red onion is great eaten raw but also suitable for cooking especially roasted. 

Our fruit of the week is the juicy plum! Perfect this time of the year in pies and puddings. We’re currently sourcing the African Rose variety from South Africa. These plums have red skin and yellow flesh which gives a fantastic colour when cooked with the skin on. 

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08 December 2020

Jerusalem Artichoke

Our seasonal produce of the week is Jerusalem Artichoke as chosen by Leona in our telesales team. Also known as 'Sunchoke', they can be eaten raw or cooked, and are great in soups & risottos. Jerusalem Artichokes should be stored in a cool, dry area away from sunlight and well ventilated. Treat them with care as they can bruise easily. We have a nice recipe for Hazelnut Crusted Brill, Jerusalem Artichoke, Duck Yolk & Eryngii Mushroom. Give us a call to order Tel: 01204 385463



30 November 2020

Savoy Cabbage

Our seasonal produce of the week is Savoy Cabbage as chosen by Vicky in our telesales team. This classic veg with its crinkled leaves and deep green colour will always be a hit! The best thing about savoy is that you don’t get the ‘cabbagey’ smell associated with cooking regular cabbage! We have some great seasonal recipes on our website including one for savoy with roast partridge. Give us a call to order Tel: 01204 385463



23 November 2020


This week’s seasonal product of the week is Carrots, as chosen by our Karen! Everybody's favourite and so versatile! These tasty root veggies grown are straight out of Yorkshire and Lancashie! Our carrots are straight outta Yorkshire & Lancashire! Family-run businesses M.H.Poskitts in Goole & Huntapac Produce in Holme supply us with delicious product. We have a wide range of pack sizes available including prepped product to save you chopping time! So whether it’s for Carrot & Coriander soup, Carrot & Apple Salad, Roasted, Chipped or in our favourite – cake! Give us a call and we will get these bundles of goodness out to you! Tel: 01204 385463



15 November 2020


This week’s seasonal product of the week is Parsnips, as chosen by our Courtney! This tasty root veg grown in the UK becomes sweeter in flavour during winter. Delicious roasted, in a soup with parsley cream, as a bake with potato, curried, or even as pancakes with a honey & mustard dressing! Parsnips should be stored chilled to keep them at their best. Give to Give our team a call for info and to order: 01204 385463


Online Ordering

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We appreciate the long hours you have to work as a chef so we have introduced an online ordering website & app that’s been designed to make your life easier. Order anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also; View past orders and invoices, access allergen information, offers and more! Login via our website (top-right of page) or search 'Oliver Kay app' in your mobile app store.

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