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Spring Crop Report 2024


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Spanish supply will take us through until UK starts in summer. Wet ground is the concern for planting and we will plant in 3 locations as we did last year - east of Scotland, top of Lincolnshire and just below Peterborough. This geographic spread is required to maintain UK supply through summer and there are no supply issues expected.
UK is good quality and size, there have been no issues with stored crop and contingency supply from Spain is not expected this year. UK crop is expected mid-June, no issues expected.
Currently the ground conditions are very wet. Crop lifted in Scotland is showing harvesting challenges due waterlogging. Frost damage has been minimised this year as growers manage to store crops over winter to prevent the same issues as winter 2022/23. Bruising due to mud stick is being seen but grading is removing this issue. The plan is to import during the gap 4-6 weeks between overwintered crop and new season from Spain & Israel. New season crop is being drilled currently and is expected to be ready in mid-June. Good weather in April and May will ensure that there are no delays to this starting.
Heads are a good size and French & UK supply will continue through winter and spring until UK is available mid-June.
Availability this year is still reduced but we are in a much better position than this time last year. We plan to import Egyptian reds in-between old crop and new crop. The new season brings concerns as the overwintered setts for brown and red onions are currently in wet ground, posing a potential issue for July. Planting is due to start at the end of February for the main crop in September. We’re hoping for dry weather to allow access to the fields, to give growers more confidence to commit to volumes.
Similar to carrots, parsnips typically run approximately three weeks later. Parsnips are hardier than carrots and less vulnerable to frost damage with no anticipated issues.
Owing to the potato issues explained previously, we have taken the decision to import new season Mediterranean crop from Cyprus, Egypt, Italy and France. We expect to take our first deliveries in mid-to-late April through until July.
Looking forward to UK harvest – no reported issues.
UK is coming to a premature end due to poor conditions, our plan for Spanish and Portuguese supply will be pulled forward and will take us through into new season UK for summer. Good head sizes and quality - looking very good.
Spring cabbage will start again in March providing we don’t get any more Beast from the East surprises. Kale will be Lancashire and although we currently have reduced availability, we should have enough supply to see us through the season.
Overwintered crop remains good, heavy rains in the east of Scotland have caused some harvesting delays.


European supply will take us through until late April/early May, when we move into the Southern Hemispheres as usual. Fruit will be from a combination of origins – starting with Chilean moving into Brazilian and South African for the summer. There are no expected issues with availability.
Current supply is Israeli and will be supplied for the next 6-8 weeks. Supply this season started late and availability reduced due to domestic issues. We are seeing some stone shadow which is a small amount of discoloration where the stone is removed, this is does not affect the quality of the flesh. Extra destructive test are in place to ensure this is minimised. Backup supply for this period is from Spain and Morocco. Both Peru and South Africa will start loading at the end of March, for arrivals late April/May, crop reports are good. No supply issues foreseen.
No known issues and historically the Caribbean is stable outside of hurricane season (June to end of November) but with the changing weather growers are nervous - we are at the mercy of Mother nature.
Erendira variety supply and quality has been good.
Chilean Blue Ribbon variety has excellent flavour.
Thomson no quality issues supply now ok. Indian supply soon to be on the water but shipping cost have rocket due to vessels now having to go via the Cape of Good Hope, concerns over quality due to extra shipping time.
Crimson finally arrived and quality currently good but shortages expected due to expected late start of Egyptian and shipping cost due to lack of vessel now traveling through Egypt.
Egypt will be the main supply of orange until July, followed by South African supply to take us into winter. There are no supply or quality issues expected.
From April we will change from Dutch and Belgium Conference pear to South African William and Packham, this is much earlier than planned as European fruit hasn’t stored particularly well over winter due to poor growing conditions in 2023. Our seasonal pear line will also move to southern hemisphere supply earlier than planned, these varieties will include Packham, William, Sempre, Vermont, Rosemarie, Flamingo & Forelle.
Spanish Noelia good quality.
The previous overcast weather has affected Fortuna variety from Spain so we are currently supplying Egyptian Sensation. Spanish Calinda supply will be available next and is planned to take us through until UK summer crop starts, conditions in the Mediterranean are now good and no issues expected. UK growers are still challenged by the availability of labour and the additional cost associated the shortages. UK supply should start in June and be in full supply for Wimbledon.
For the past few years we have seen shortages around February and March due to export restriction from Morocco and overcast weather. This year contingency supplies from the Canaries and Egypt have been put in place to ensure security of supply. There are still some growing challenges due to plant virus but this is being managed well and overall supply and quality is good.


Peruvian and Mexican supply until UK starts late April - quality is very good supply is now much improved.
Supply is now Indian and Thailand in equal quantities with quality good.
Currently Moroccan with Egyptian as backup, with no major quality issues to report.
Portuguese coming to an end and will be replaced by South African around May time. Quality is good.
Spanish supply with Moroccan alongside, quality is very good.
Brazil supply to take us through until summer.
Availability of Brazilian ginger good, garlic mainly Spanish with Chinese as a backup.
Mainly Brazilian, Mexican contingency not expected.
Brazilian Palma are good with Peruvian as a backup, quality good.
French Banana shallots quality is very good, no problems expected.
Egyptian supply will take us through until April, moving to Kenyan before Peru start in May, quality good.
Main supply Egyptian Beauregard through until end April/May followed by Honduran. Quality is very good.