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Summer Crop Report 2023


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In Season In The British Isles

Now underway, albeit a little late. We stop all imports during the UK season (so you can continue to order as usual).
Fantastic and in time for British Tomato week 23rd May – 5th June.
Coming through – and will all UK by June. Iceberg is starting in limited quantities.
From Lancashire - good quality
UK new season, will be supplied from both Scotland and Lincolnshire this summer. This is in response to the problems seen last year; We have planted with geographic spread to minimise any weather related disruption again this year. Some of the early broccoli in Lincolnshire has already seen some damage due to frost during planting some plants have “Gone Blind” this is when instead of a bud, or head, there is just a bare green stub at the centre of the plant which will never form.
In season and looking good
Running slightly behind due to a cold spring and some frosts when planted. Current warmer weather is helping move things along and the new crop is now expected w/c 12th June.


Currently South African production but we may see some UK crops later in the summer depending on the weather conditions.
new season is now underway
New season from our Dutch suppliers, quality is very good.
A mix of suppliers. Kenya are only able to supply reduced volumes currently and June will see the start of Zimbabwe supplies. Quality is very good.
Kenya supply will continue and the quality is good.
Egyptian supply has now ended. USA currently supplying until Honduran supply in June.
Spanish supply and very good.
South African crop is now being supplied with Guatemala as a backup. It is expected there will be an early finish to the season. European will start in August, however, Ukrainian is not expected to be seen so there could be a gap.


Spanish are now underway.
Spain is reducing now as we approach the end of May. Portuguese is being supplied but Dutch may also be seen as UK is running slightly late. We are seeing dribs and drabs of tunnel crop and expect UK crops to be in full production by w/c 4th June.
Chilean supply has now moved to Morocco and up into Spain – Northern European supply will commence by July.
Morocco/Spain/Portugal – including Amira, Adelita, Glen Lyon and Grandeur varieties – with some UK coming from July onwards.


South African supply Fuerter variety, smooth skin and quality good.
Moroccan supply until summer, moving to Dutch late summer, with Spanish and Portuguese as a backup.
Our Brazilian supply is going well with Turkish following in the late summer.
Brazilian Tommy Atkins are good.
Brazilian supply has been challenging, but quality and size are good.
Peruvian should continue and have been very good quality.
French supply from store, no problems foreseen with new crop later this summer.