CSR, Sustainability & Environmental Initiatives

We take our sustainability and commitments to the environment very seriously and we have a responsible approach to minimising our impact on the world’s precious resources. As a result of regularly assessing our carbon footprint, we have been able to implement a number of programmes focusing on more efficient fuel and energy usage, waste management and the recycling of packaging materials. Going further we continuously review how our products and packaging are produced and also from where they come.

Locally Sourced Produce

We always source fresh fruit and vegetables locally when we can and have forged strong relationships with a number of local growers. We work with typically traditional British farms who use less intensive practices than other producers.

Our Growers

Converting Waste

Wherever possible, our food waste is recycled and converted into renewable energy. We also support local charities with regular donations of suitable products.

Packaging Solutions

Packaging is a big part of our business, with so many products to supply, all requiring different types of packaging to keep them at their best, we stock a large range of types of packaging. As an example, we buy roughly 800 nets of lemons & 320 trays of chillies each day. Therefore it is vital that we choose a sustainable option for each, to ensure our business has minimal impact on the environment, ensuring it is still fit for purpose.

  • Trays: Since 2018 we have used trays made from 100% recycled material and are 100% compostable.
  • Tray liners: The liners used in our trays are made from a biodegradable plastic and use an additive called EPI to help them break down in landfill.
  • Netting: Items such as oranges and limes, are often packed in plastic netting however, the netting on our products is made from a fully compostable woven cellulose material.
  • Film: Unlike most flow wrap films, ours is made from a mono rather than composite material which makes it much easier to recycle. We are currently looking at both paper and cellulose based alternatives to make it compostable.
  • Continuous development: Where materials are not compostable, we are looking for suitable alternative solutions with an aim to have fully compostable packaging as soon as possible.

Charity Innovation Garden

Set in the heart of the Worcestershire countryside is a wonderful innovation garden, created by Bonterre CIC, backed by Minor, Weir and Willis, and supported by Oliver Kay.

The innovation garden is a charity project, supporting the Bonterre CIC, to grow a wide variety of vegetable and salad crops, testing new seed varieties and new product development. The project offers customers the chance to visit and see the wide varieties of crops that can be grown during the UK season, whilst supporting new product development and corporate social responsibility objectives

Bonterre CIC is an alternative education provider, that uses an 8-acre site and the surrounding natural environment, to engage children who struggle with mainstream education for a wide variety of reasons, including SEN, emotional and social challenges and mental health needs.

Bonterre are a not-for-profit organisation, and all income, including from the sale of produce, goes towards the running of the project. In working with Bonterre, MWW and their customers, will be helping to support our ongoing work with disadvantaged children.