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Some Celery Facts!

Celery is a plant from the apiaceae family which also includes, parsley, carrots and fennel. It grows in light green stalks connected by a white root known as celeriac, which is also eaten as a vegetable.

Celery is commonly used in salads, casseroles and soups and can be cooked by braising, boiling, roasting and steaming, but is more frequently eaten raw. It is a food with one of the highest water contents at around 95%. When ripe, the texture of celery should be firm and crisp, and the flesh should have a tender crunch. It has a grassy flavour and mildly bitter taste that sweetens when cooked. The darker the colour of the celery, the more intense its flavour. British celery season runs from late July to late February.


Fresh Suggestions

We have a whole bank of recipe ideas to provide you with inspiration for your menus. We also have a seasonality chart so you can see what is good and when. These can both be found in the ‘seasonal’ area of our website.