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Lettuce similarly to cabbage are a head of leaves typically eaten raw. There are many different varieties of lettuce and range from white, red and green in colour. Lettuce can either be crisp and floppy in texture and either delicate or earthy in flavour depending on variety. More compact lettuce varieties are kept as a head until used, whereas, frilly lettuces are more regularly sold loose-leaf. British lettuce season is from early May to December.

A few of our popular lettuce varieties include iceberg, lamb’s and cos.

Cos or romaine lettuce heads are cylindrical in shape and originate from Greece. They are crisp with a subtle sweet, buttery flavour and best known for its use in a Caesar salad.

Iceberg lettuce is a compact head of crisp, pale green leaves and is one of the lettuce varieties sold as a head. It is crunchy with a refreshing, mildly sweet flavour perfect for salads and sandwiches. Iceberg lettuce thrives in cold weather, so is at its best in November and December.

Lamb’s lettuce is dark green and spoon-shaped with a tangy flavour. It is mainly used raw in salads, but can also be steamed as a side and is in season from May to November.

Chicory is a leafy vegetable closely related to lettuce that grow as a head of crisp, compact leaves. Favouring cooler climates, chicory thrive in the winter months; UK season is January to March. Chicory is bitter and earthy when raw, but can be cooked by braising, roasting, grilling, boiling and steaming and when cooked has a sweeter flavour.

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