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Asparagus & Artichoke Facts

Asparagus is a spring stem vegetable and its UK season runs from late April to mid-June. It has straight slender spears that are firm with a tender crunch, but early season asparagus is less mature and tenderer. Asparagus flavour is savoury and mildly earthy, similar to broccoli, but more intense. When ripe, the buds at the tip should be furled tightly with firm shoots, however, when the spears are cooked they can become limp depending on the method. Common cooking methods include steaming, roasting, grilling, stir-frying and boiling.

White asparagus lacks colour as it is grown in the dark. It has less defined buds at its tip and much thicker shoots so requires a longer cooking time and is best cooked by boiling or steaming. It has a more delicate flavour and is slightly bitter and tougher in comparison to the typical green variety.

Our English asparagus is sourced from Worcestershire during the UK season and imported for the remainder of the year.

Artichokes are the flower buds of thistles that are harvested before they bloom and consumed as a vegetable. The most common variety are globe artichokes which are large green spheres with furled leaves and purple at the core. Artichoke season is March to May, with a second bloom in late autumn. They are similar in taste to asparagus but nuttier in flavour and regularly made into dips or used as an ingredient in soup. Artichoke hearts are often sold separately; they are the core nearest the stem and are sweeter and tenderer with a buttery texture. The petals are fibrous and due to its layers, artichokes are crunchy and too tough to be eaten raw. Cooking methods include boiling, braising, grilling, roasting and more popularly steaming.

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