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Crop Report

Oliver Kay Crop Report 03 2018 2 Page 1

Oliver Kay Crop Report 02 2018 (March - April) 

Welcome to our March edition of 'The Crop Report' 2018. Full report available to view here


The Beast from the East, followed by Storm Emma, tried their best to ruin the start of the month! However, thanks to our relationships with fantastic suppliers, we are hopeful the weather shouldn’t have impacted too much on supply.

There may be a few unexpected increases in price here and there, but our buyers are doing their best to ensure stable pricing and top quality is maintained. Now the crazy weather has passed and we’re looking to Spring. March features Mother’s Day and sees the run-up to Easter weekend, so make sure your chocolate supplies are stocked up! We have a great range or premium and standard chocolate available, as featured in last month’s crop report.

Pretty up dishes for these special occasions with beautiful, edible flowers, such as Violas - sure to add the final, special ‘wow’ factor to any course! Contact your account manager for more information.


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